Search & site

Your website might look good and feel nice, but does it fulfill its purpose? No worries. We can help you fine-tune your website, fill it with content fitted to the target group’s needs and optimize it for search engines.

Data-driven and perfected for SEO

Spoon’s search and site specialists know the importance of data-driven analysis to fully understand the target group’s needs, and to optimize the content accordingly. With the right tweaks, you can turn your web site into a leads machine.

We can offer you a technical audit that will make it easier for search engines to rank your content, a monthly SEO check-up, identify relevant search words and phrases and add them to your key pages. And a whole lot more, all in accordance with Google’s E-A-T strategy: Expertise, Authority and Trust.

It’s important to remember that search and site maintenance is just that – an ongoing journey. Luckily, we’re in for the long haul.


Oscar Levy

Business Director, Stockholm


Pierre Sjösten

Marketing Tech & SEO Consultant, Göteborg